A song for the EU launches Sheffield election campaign

Supporters of a People’s Vote raised their voices in song to launch their campaign for the EU parliamentary elections.

 The European anthem Ode To Joy  - led by Chris McMahon from local acoustic band Treebeard - rang out at a rally in front of Sheffield Town Hall, on Thursday evening.

 The impromptu choir ignored the drizzle and chilly wind to add EU friendly songs using tunes including On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at, and the Wild Rover.

 The event marked Europe Day (9 May) and the launch of Sheffield for Europe’s leaflet urging people to vote in the European Parliamentary elections on Thursday 23 May

 The campaign group is not linked to any political party but in it’s leaflet asks voters to choose a party that "supports our membership of the EU” and backs a “final say" for the public on any Brexit deal.

 “The European elections on 23 May are the chance for voters to send a message that they will not be ignored on Brexit and the damage it would do to Sheffield and our country,” said Mary Seneviratne, chair of Sheffield for Europe.

 “It was good to see the European flag flying from the Town Hall on Europe Day - this city has benefited from EU investment which is being put at risk.

 “People turned out this evening to make a statement of support for a People’s Vote and we can all do that again at the ballot box on 23 May.”

Sheffield for Europe volunteers aim to deliver around 15,000 leaflets urging a pro-EU vote to homes across the city.

 Mary Seneviratne added: “We're not recommending a vote for any individual political party on 23 May. Voters should back a party that will give us the final say on any exit deal with the option to remain in the EU.

 “Sheffield for Europe will be taking that message to thousands of homes across the city in the next couple of weeks.”

Sheffield For Europe