Over a million people marching on the streets of London!

What a great day Saturday was! Over a million people marching on the streets of London cannot be ignored. Altogether, 19 coaches went from Yorkshire, and a further 2 from Chesterfield – all full. Hundreds more made their way from this region by train and car. And, as you know, two of our members cycled all the way. Thank you to all those who came on the march, who sponsored seats on coaches, who publicised the march with leafletting and street stalls

We have had good coverage of the event locally.

Mary was on BBC Radio Sheffield Breakfast Show on Saturday. It’s at 


just after 7.15 am

Joanne was on the BBC Radio Sheffield Breakfast Show on Monday. It is about about 40 minutes in


Altogether, we have been on BBC Radio Sheffield on Thursday, Saturday and Monday, and ITV Calendar on Saturday evening, and the Star is promising something on Wednesday.

So, what next? No-one can predict what will happen in the next few days, but if you haven’t already done it, please sign the Government Petition to Revoke Article 50, which (on Tuesday lunchtime) was showing over 5.7 million signatures. Please persuade friends to sign. We want it to reach 17.4 million!



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