National Conference: Winning a Public Vote

(This one for Labour Party members)

To win the next referendum we have to run a far better campaign than the one run in 2016. This campaign has to be about the future - a hopeful, optimistic vision of the future based on a remain and reform agenda.

Join us in Leeds on 6 April to make plans to:

- Win the ground campaign, ensuring that voters are listened to and engaged with, bringing communities together and winning votes for remain.

- Develop a left wing Remain and Reform agenda - ensuring that next time we can talk about improvements to workers' rights, the NHS, housing and policies to end climate chaos that would be enacted by the next Labour Government, working with socialists across Europe.

- Bring the remaining Labour MPs onside to support a public vote. Ending Brexit is in the interest of their constituents, and in their electoral interest.

Entry is free but if you can donate £5 or more it would help us cover our costs.

Link to book tickets and more information

Sheffield For Europe