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Campaigning To Stop Brexit.

Sheffield for Europe is a non-party political organisation opposed to Brexit, and – like many local groups across the UK – is actively campaigning against it. Find us on our Facebook page, or join our Facebook Group and follow on Twitter.

Wondering what YOU can do about Johnson's attempt to seize power?

The answer is – a LOT!

The next BIG event is our ‘Stop Boris, Stop Brexit!’ Rally with Lord Adonis, Fri 13th Sept, 7pm (more details further down). This is an absolutely crucial time, so there's a lot coming up...

Don't forget to write to your MP! 
For maximum impact, an email followed by a handwritten letter. Send a postcard:
Tell your MP: Stay in parliament when the suspension happens:

Brussels or Bust! Two of our members are cycling to the People's March in October via Brussels – and putting together a group to join them. They're raising money to keep the costs down – any additional funds will go to Sheffield for Europe. Please support them:

The Government "Do not prorogue Parliament" petition is now approaching two million and counting! If you haven't signed yet, what are you waiting for?

Here's a HUGE thank you to those who have responded to our request for financial support – by becoming a member and/or donating to Sheffield for Europe (membership a mere £5-adult waged/£2-students and unwaged):
Extra special thanks to the person who donated £100!
This is not a time to stand on the sidelines – help us fight Brexit!


I) Fri 13th Sept, 7pm - Sheffield for Europe meeting at Central URC Church, 60 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, S1 2JB with Lord Adonis and other speakers. Lord Andrew Adonis is visiting Sheffield as part of his ‘Stop Boris, Stop Brexit’ tour. Speakers include Lord Adonis, Natalie Bennett (Green Party), and Henry Nottage (Tony Butterworth Cycles). 
To register:

II) Sat 14th Sept, 11 am - Leeds for Europe 'Stop the Brexit Coup' march and rally, in front of the Art Gallery, the Headrow, Leeds 
Speakers include Rachel Reeves MP, Fabian Hamilton MP, Conservative Jason Aldiss, Greens Ann Forsaith and Martin Hemingway, a representative of the 3 million, plus others.
Unlike the rallies in Leeds over the last two weekends, this one is being organised by Leeds for Europe, so will have a more inclusive and open feel to it than the others did.

III) Thurs 19th Sept, 6 pm - Training for door-to-door canvassing – Places still available
Peoples Vote are offering a training session to members and supporters who are interested in helping with door-to-door canvassing. The training will involve learning how to talk to people effectively about Brexit -- and other topics of concern This will take place in Sheffield city centre on Thursday 19 September, from 6 pm. The session will last around 90 minutes. Please respond as soon as possible if you would like a place. The session is limited to 15 people only, so do sign up now (send us an email: if you wish to attend.

IV) Sun 29th Sept - Cirque de Résistance, Manchester (during the Conservative party conference)
We won't "shut up", we won't "come quietly", we will not be bullied into subservience. And we certainly won't go down without a drink in our hand and a song in our hearts:

V) Sat 12th Oct - Rally 4 Our Rights, London 
Voices for Europe and other groups have decided to take over from People’s Vote, as we are aware of many people coming over from other European countries who already had their hotels and tickets booked.
This event is additional to, but not in competition to the march on the 19th of October. It will be just a rally. Afterwards there also will be a sit-in for 24h.

VI) Sat 19th Oct - People's Vote March, London: We need to make sure that this is the biggest march yet, even bigger than the one last March which had more than one million of us. Register here: 
We have organised three coaches for Sheffield, one from Meadowhall and two from the city centre:

Don't forget the current Yorkshire for Europe campaign: 
Find a cool EU-funded place near you, take a pic, and share it! We're doing this alongside the other pro-EU groups up and down the country, and asking everyone to get involved. Details here:

Lastly, if you are not already a member of Sheffield for Europe, please join us – it's only £5-adult waged/£2-students and unwaged. If you can manage a donation, that would be even better. We operate on a shoestring budget and any contribution helps us be even more effective. (It goes for things like printing leaflets, room hire, organising coaches to marches, and more.)

It's time to take action – our democracy is under threat – YOU can make a difference!



We want you to come join us! If you want to get stuck in you can find our next event here. Please come along we look forward to meeting you!

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Links and Resources

There are lots of organisations campaigning on the EU, working on Brexit legislation, and helping those impacted by it. You can find links to their good work here. We also host some useful resources for you at home here.

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Our Campaigning

We have been campaigning for a while now. Here you can see some of our previous work and read about our experiences.

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Here you can find a gift that shows your love for the EU, and supports us in our campaigning activity.

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Demand a people’s vote!

The Government’s deal has been rejected. Tell your MP that you demand a People’s Vote as the way forward.


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We send irregular email updates - as and when needed - to our members. This includes information on our activities, the latest Brexit happenings, and EU related events you might be interested in.

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