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Campaigning To Stop Brexit.

Sheffield for Europe is a non-party political organisation opposed to Brexit, and – like many local groups across the UK – is actively campaigning against it. Find us on our Facebook page, or join our Facebook Group and follow on Twitter.

Wondering what YOU can do to help?

The answer is – a LOT!

Brussels or Bust! Two of our members are cycling to the People's March in October via Brussels. 

On October 13th, our intrepid riders will set off from Sheffield to bike to Brussels – with a very special "love letter" to deliver to the EU. (#GreatBritishBikeOff) 

The letter will be in the form of a musical video with the message that we want to remain in the EU. The music is a Sheffield-inspired reworking of Ode to Joy by Michael Ward, against a montage of video clips and pictures from around the country.

The bikers will arrive in Brussels around 5pm on Tuesday to meet MEPs and EU officials, and to film a supportive message from Brussels to take back to the People's Vote march on Saturday 19th. After leaving Brussels, the group will bike via Tielt to catch the ferry to Dover on Friday 18th, and ride to join the march on Saturday morning.

Appropriately, they will be in Brussels as the 27 member states start to gather for the all-important Council meeting on October 17th and 18th.

Anyone can join the ride at any stage and they especially welcome and encourage people to join on the first stage – an easy and enjoyable ride from Sheffield to Rotherham along the Don, followed by a ride along quiet roads to Doncaster. The ride starts at 12 noon on Sunday 13th October, from Sheffield Train Station.

They are raising money to keep the costs down – any additional funds will go to Sheffield for Europe. 

Please support them:  


There will also be a Bike-Off Fundraising Evening on Thurs 10th Oct at the Banner Cross on Ecclesall Road, with political guests and discussion, a quiz and a raffle – and where their specially-designed biking jerseys (see pic) will be available for sale (more details in the "diary" below).

Listing of S4EU events/dates for your diaries 

 (includes info on the 19th Oct march and coaches from Sheffield):

 I) Mon 7th Oct - Westminster Rally in support of People's Parliament 

Our last trip to Westminster was a triumph: Coachloads of flag-waving supporters from Yorks & Notts, led by the Yorks Remain Voice Choir, were clapped and cheered as we approached Parliament... 

The spectacle was broadcast on TV channels across the UK and around the world. We've been praised by MPs, peers, Steve Bray and his colleagues from SODEM and pro-EU groups from around the country – and they want us back! Come join us as we support our MPs!

II) Thurs 10th Oct, 8pm - Great British Bike-Off Fundraiser, the Banner Cross, Ecclesall Road 

Join us for an evening of politicking with Prof Andrew Gamble, Paul Blomfield MP and our own Jean Akid, discussing Brexit and where we go from here. We'll also have a short Europop music quiz and a raffle to raise funds for our intrepid cyclists to get to Brussels.[{\%22surface\%22%3A\%22messaging\%22%2C\%22mechanism\%22%3A\%22attachment\%22%2C\%22extra_data\%22%3A{}}]%22

III) Sat 12th Oct - Rally 4 Our Rights, London 

Voices for Europe and other groups have decided to take over from People’s Vote, as we are aware of many people coming over from other European countries who already had their hotels and tickets booked. This event is additional to, but not in competition to the march on the 19th of October. It will be just a rally. Afterwards there also will be a sit-in for 24h.

IV) Sun 13th Oct, 12 noon - BRUSSELS or BUST – the Great British BIKE-OFF, Sheffield train station: 

Join us as we see off our intrepid cyclists as they start their bike to Brussels to deliver a love letter to the EU – and if you feel up to it, join us for the first day of the ride – Sheffield to Doncaster (quiet road route) 

If you can't make it, please think about helping to support our cyclists with a small donation:

V) Sat 19th Oct - People's Vote March, London 

We need to make sure that this is the biggest march yet, even bigger than the one last March which had more than one million of us. 

Register here: 

We have organised three coaches for Sheffield, one from Meadowhall and two from the city centre: 

Don't leave it too long – places are going fast!



We want you to come join us! If you want to get stuck in you can find our next event here. Please come along we look forward to meeting you!

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Links and Resources

There are lots of organisations campaigning on the EU, working on Brexit legislation, and helping those impacted by it. You can find links to their good work here. We also host some useful resources for you at home here.

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Our Campaigning

We have been campaigning for a while now. Here you can see some of our previous work and read about our experiences.

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Here you can find a gift that shows your love for the EU, and supports us in our campaigning activity.

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Demand a people’s vote!

The Government’s deal has been rejected. Tell your MP that you demand a People’s Vote as the way forward.


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